Patron Pro: New version fixes an important bug – make sure to upgrade

Patron Pro is out with 1.5.5 version and it fixes an important bug that can interfere with certain features of WP management that may be used in your web host. Namely, this version fixes a bug that can interfere with certain features of the important WP CLI utility that many web hosts use. Do try to make sure that you upgrade your plugin as soon as possible.

Additionally this version brings various improvements and small fixes. The ‘Custom Patron Only Banner’ label in one of the metaboxes in WP admin -> Post editor has been renamed to ‘Sneak Peek’ for more clarity. Additionally, there are various PHP warning & notice fixes.

You can upgrade your plugin from your WP admin if you have your Patron Pro license or All Access license active & saved in your WP admin -> Patron Pro -> Addons menu. If you dont have a license or the license has expired, you can manually renew it via the Codebard site at

All Access members’ licenses dont expire. So if you are an All Access member, you dont need to acquire & renew any licenses.

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