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Become A Patron To Unlock Great Perks At Every Level

Become a Codebard patron at Patreon to unlock great perks at every tier.

Get more perks with higher tiers while keeping the perks from all the lower tiers!

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Enhanced Content Locking
News, Tips & Tricks

Become a member of Codebard Patreon’s entry tier, News, Tips & Tricks and get patron-only development updates, upcoming feature info, tips & tricks about using your WordPress site with Patreon plugins and Patreon.

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Become a patron of Codebard from Community tier and get access to private Codebard Discourse Forum and priority support at the forum and help desk!

Vote on development polls at the Codebard Patreon page and the Discourse forum to shape the development of plugins & new features.

Get advanced tips & tricks from the developers at the forum and exchange knowledge with others who use Patreon with their WordPress sites.

Codebard Patreon Community Tier
All Access

Become an All Access patron to get everything you need to run your WordPress site with Patreon in one package!

Get all current and upcoming premium Codebard Patreon plugins and all other plugins!

Get all new features and updates!

Install them on 3 sites and keep them updated with one single license.

Join the Codebard private Discord chat.

Get direct priority support from developers at the Codebard Discord and all other venues!

Patron Plugin Pro

Become a Sponsor patron and get direct access to the developers at Codebard Slack!

Get private advice tailored for your site from the developers on using your WordPress site with Patreon.

Get priority consideration for new feature requests & plugins!

Get your site & Patreon campaign listed as a sponsor at the Codebard website and outgoing mails in the mailing lists!

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