Manage your Patron Only Content Easily With Patron Content Manager for WordPress

Works with all Patreon plans!

  • Easily find and gate new and old content
  • Content locking wizard
  • Easily use advanced locking options
  • Easily change gating for already gated content
Easily find and gate any content

Use Patron Content Manager to easily find and gate any content even if you have a large amount of content. Filter content by type, category, tag, custom taxonomy.

Easily manage locked posts from one place
Gating Wizard & Detailed Options

Use detailed gating options while gating wizard tells you which patrons will access that content in an easy to understand way.

Gating Wizard helps you use advanced options
Easily re-gate already gated content

Easily find and change gating on old content to optimize old content and increase your pledges & patrons. Navigate content comfortably with filters and keywords.

Easily change gating on old posts
Use advanced gating with Patron Plugin Pro

Patron Content Manager works with Patron Plugin Pro. With both, use advanced gating options when gating content and see who will get access to advanced gated content in the wizard.

Use advanced gating with Patron Pro
Mass gate content with Patron Plugin Pro

With Patron Plugin Pro, easily mass gate posts from the Patron Content page. Use advanced gating options that come with Patron Plugin Pro when mass gating posts. Gate posts by type, category, tag, custom taxonomy.

You can change how mass gated posts are gated at any time.

Easily mass gate posts with Patron Pro
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