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Add Memberships To Your WP Site / Boost Patrons & Pledges Of Your Existing Patreon

  • Link your existing Patreon or a new one
  • Have your users & visitors become your patrons
Connect Your WP Site & Patreon

Gate already existing content and your new content at your website using your Patreon! Have your visitors unlock content by becoming your patrons. Earn monthly reliable income and fund your passion.

Gain members, secure reliable income, fund your life and your passion
Use Features Not Available At Patreon

Use content gating methods like Content Drip, Lock/Show Last X Posts, Lock/Show Posts By Date, Lock/Show Posts After X Days and others that are not available at

Use features not available at
Run Your Membership However You Want

Allow everyone or only patrons to log in. Provide VIP accounts, sneak peeks before locked posts. Gate parts of your posts. Run memberships how you want to.

Manage Your Membership However You Want
Run On Autopilot

Set your Patreon posts to auto-sync to your WP site. Let your visitors become patrons and automatically access content. Mass gate your posts by category, tag or custom taxonomy.

Run On Autopilot
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