How to use Advanced post locking options

Enhanced Content Locking

(These advanced options can be shown or hidden by clicking ‘Show/Hide advanced’ link in the “Patreon Level” meta box in your post editor.)

Simple lock

This is the simplest way to lock your content. It is also the main locking option which was there from the start.

Simply, for any specific post/content you want to lock, just go to your post editor to edit that post, and put a $ value in the meta box as seen below:

Simple Lock

You don’t have to check the checkbox or put any other value in the other option. By just putting a $ value in the box you see above, that post will require any user to be pledging that $ amount to you for him or her to get access to that content. Ie, if you put $5 in this box, a patron who is currently pledging you $7 will get access to that post, but a patron who is pledging $3, wont.

Require active membership at post date

If, in addition to putting a $ amount in the above box, you check the checkbox you see below…

Require active membership at post date

…then only your patrons who were already your active patrons at the time your content was posted, will be able to see that post. So, they must fulfill 2 criteria: First, they must have an active membership that is $5 or higher, and second, they must have already been your patrons since the date your content was posted or since earlier.

This is a good way to encourage your patrons to stay with you.

Total lifetime pledge

If you put a $ amount in the box you see below…

Require total lifetime pledge

…then any patron who had had pledged you a total that is at or higher than amount will always be able to see your content. Ie, if you put $200 in that box, any patron who has paid you $300 total or over up until this point, can see that post. To give an example, if you mark a post locked for $15, then put $200 in total pledge box, then a patron who has only $10 active pledge, but having total lifetime pledge of over $200 because s/he had been your patron since a year will be able to see the post – ie because s/he has a total pledge of $240 or over. Moreover, s/he will be able to access the content even if s/he currently isnt your patron, because of having a total lifetime pledge over this amount.

This is a very good way to reward your long-time patrons or high-tier patrons!

Combinations of advanced locking methods

These options can be used in combination:

For example you can lock a post for $5 and active patrons only. Or, you can lock a post for $5 and $300 lifetime patrons only. Or, you can use all and lock a post for $5, active patrons only and $300 lifetime patrons!

Along with the locking methods Patron Pro provides, these new advanced locking options gives you dozens of ways to lock your content in total!