How to find out your Patreon Profile Address or Account Name

So you don’t know your Patreon Profile Address or Account Name. Don’t worry – its easy to find:

Just go to Patreon and log in if you aren’t logged in already.

On left hand side of the page, hover over the part which has your avatar and profile name:

Easy way to find your Patreon profile link

Just right click to open your browser menu, and select ‘Copy link’. Or, just copy the link there in however way your browser/device allows.

Then save in your plugin setting’s ‘Quickstart’ -> ‘Site’s Patreon user’ field. Or, if you are copying it for a particular author, save it in that author’s profile in the ‘
Your Patreon User’ field and save the profile.

This will allow your Patreon Button and Widgets Plugin to link your Patreon widgets and buttons at your WordPress site to your Patreon page.

That’s it!

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