Boost your patrons and pledges with WordPress plugins for Patreon

Join 7000+ other websites by installing free & premium Patreon plugins to boost your Patreon with your WordPress website! All of the below plugins work in tandem with each other to unlock more Patreon features at your WordPress website – including features not present at!

Patron Plugin Pro

Connect your site to Patreon and make your WordPress content patron only. Use advanced gating methods to increase your pledges & patrons.

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Patron Content Manager

Easily manage your existing patron only WordPress content, re-gate content, gate old content, post new content from a central place with the help of content gating wizard.

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Patreon WordPress

Post patron only content at your website with simple gating options. Sync your Patreon posts to your WordPress site automatically. Have your users login with Patreon.

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Patron Button and Widgets

Easily add Patreon widgets and call to action banners to your site & posts to send your visitors to your Patreon page.

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