Rapier has FontAwesome

Most famous Font Icon library, FontAwesome, is at your command with Rapier! Fast!

You can use the plethora of icons in FontAwesome to enrich your pages, posts, website elements and even use them for menus, lists and even as user interface icons!


FontAwesome has become pretty much the free icon set standard on internet these days.

Rightly so, since it provides a massive selection of context-specific icons to use with any kind of web content or interface element. You can insert them in any content or context, with any size and color. You can even change various alignment, angle and even animation properties.

Normally using FontAwesome requires effort to install manually or requires the use of a plugin.

With Rapier you automatically get FontAwesome.

Moreover, it is served from FontAwesome’s own location with MaxCDN – which minimizes the speed impact it has on your pages.

If you don’t need it, you can just turn it off and it wont be processed or served to your users!

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