Rapier has Infinite Styles

Majority of WordPress themes have only one style/skin – what you see when you install them.

Prominent themes come with different styles/skins to allow you more customization, but most of these are merely color scheme changes.

Styles change your Website’s look totally with Rapier

In Rapier, styles are things which change your website look totally. They are not merely color scheme changes.

When you change to another style in Rapier, your website’s look totally changes.

From element shapes, sizes, alignments, positionings to their backgrounds, borders, font colors and types and any CSS property you can mention – almost everything changes.

And this happens without breaking, changing the code which runs your website.

This is a great feature which allows you to pick the precise look you are searching for your WordPress site – if it is a corporate presentation site, you pick one of the corporate styles. If your site is a news/magazine website, you pick a newspaper style, if it is a personal blog, you pick a personal style.

Moreover, all styles are extensively customizable after you install any of them.

Easily get new styles

Rapier has built-in functionality to allow you to select, download and install styles from CodeBard’s style server.

Without leaving your WordPress admin interface, you can get, install and activate new styles in 10 seconds.

Everything is automatic.

You can back up, switch, copy and change the styles you have easily from admin interface. And change/modify your existing style in back end without breaking how your site looks on front end.

When you are done with your changes, all you need to do is to click ‘Activate’ and your new style or modifications will be active on your front end.

Access to Styles Database

With Rapier, you have access to CodeBard Styles Database – allowing you to download and use new styles as they are added.

An open-ended, ever-increasing database of Styles allows you ever-increasing choice into the future.

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