Rapier is compatible with your existing WordPress Plugins and modifications

No conflicts with the existing Plugins in your WordPress website!

All PHP, HTML, CSS code and database operations in Rapier are isolated!

High Browser Compatibility

Rapier is supported and tested on all recent versions of major desktop browsers and mobile browsers.

Its supported on latest versions of Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari, IE9, IE10, IE11, Edge, Android Browser, Chrome for Android, Safari Mobile, IE10 and IE11 Mobile.

It supports IE8 through JavaScript (included in the theme) which improves its features and make newer CSS and HTML elements work.

In all much older versions of major browsers and ancient Android and iOS devices it works well without noticeable differences and renders properly and remains well usable.

No Conflicts, Better Integration

Rapier has all its code, variables and content isolated and namespaced to prevent any conflict with any kind of plugin or modification on your website.

This allows Rapier to work without disturbing any existing functionality on your website now, and also make sure no plugin you install in future will conflict with Rapier’s code.

Moreover, utilizing WordPress action hooks and filters system allows Rapier to get integrated with your plugins and your own modifications.

This allows you to modify and change lower level functionality of the theme without having to modify theme code.

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