Rapier is Easily Managed

Managing your Website style and looks is easy with Rapier!

Theme Admin is built for non technical users and Designers alike!

Easy for both Newbies and Pros

Non technical?

Easily use the simple admin utility of Rapier – get new styles, copy, clone, save and activate them easily. Upload your logo in the blink of an eye, paste your Analytics code and get going.

Get and install updates automatically with a single click, back up and restore your style with the export/import utility.

Seasoned Veteran?

Turn on the advanced style editor and enter a world of easy, but extensive customization.

Modify all of your website’s elements through easy to use interface which directly edits and compiles theme css. All by the book and easily managed.

Include specific CSS code, JavaScript and jQuery for $( document ).ready() for your styles.

Include complex CSS code for each element if necessary, export/import each section as you require.

Test your new, modified style without disrupting user experience on front end, and then activate your finished style with a single click!

All without having to edit any HTML or PHP code!

More details?
Sounds Good?