Rapier is Rich in Features

Rapier has all the features you need to set up a top-notch website fast.

From Call to Action inserts to custom Headings, slider support to FontAwesome, Google Fonts, Buttons, 3 different Navigation menus, Fully Responsive Grid system, Hooks and many more!

Fully Responsive Grid System

Rapier has a responsive grid system which has grid elements from 100% width to 8% width in increments. You can combine any of these to create Grid formations in any format you need.

Grids can be used in any page/post.

Lightweight and fully functional, Rapier’s Grid System frees you from having to install a bulky grid plugin to be able to use grids in your website.

Infinite Custom Dynamic Sidebars

Normally you need to install a plugin for having custom sidebars.

Rapier not only allows you to create infinite custom sidebars and assign specific widgets to them, but it also allows you to assign specific sidebars to different page/post types. Both right and left sidebars!

It even allows you to assign specific left or right sidebars to specific pages/posts!

Sidebars can easily be created, edited or copied in Theme Admin.

Full Width, 2 column, 3 Column formats

You can turn any page into a Full Width page, 2 column page with left or right sidebar, or a 3 column page.

These can be set in general for Homepage, Blog Listing, Blog Posts and Pages separately from Theme Admin.

You can also individually set a specific post or page to Full Width, Right/Left sidebar (2col) or 3 column page.

When you change any of these settings, theme automatically adapts page width and style accordingly.


Rapier provides and supports new HTML5 elements and CSS3 properties, which all prominent browsers support.

It provides specific JavaScript to make older versions of IE recognize and process HTML5 elements.

All HTML5 element styles are customizable from Theme Admin.

Google Fonts

Select any Google Font for any type of element on your website!

The fonts are queued and loaded from Google’s own CDN to minimize speed impact of loading Google Fonts.

All Google Fonts are included, and new ones get added to Rapier as they are added by Google.

You can customize the style, color, size and looks of any Google Font you use for any of your website elements.

Premade Ad Slots

Rapier has premade Ad slots for you to just copy/paste your ad code in!

A wide, unlimited ad zone for wide banners before page, a slot for adding any size banner after header, one slot for just before post content and one slot for just after post content, one zone right before footer, and an in-header ad slot for traditional size banners in header.

Naturally you can use any sidebar widget to post 300×200~ and tower ads.

Ad slots do not get processed and displayed unless you actually paste an ad code in those slots.

jQuery from Google CDN

You don’t need a plugin to make jQuery load from Google’s own CDN with Rapier!

When you turn an option in general settings, Rapier starts serving jQuery to your visitors from Google’s CDN, bringing considerable increase to page loading speed.


You can use famous FontAwesome icon library to enrich your posts and pages.

FontAwesome is loaded from MaxCDN (FontAwesome’s official CDN), and the speed impact on your website is minimized.

All icons are easily usable through FontAwesome codes and you can customize many properties – all the features listed in FontAwesome website can be used!

Three different Navigation Menus

Rapier has 3 different Navigation Menus which you can use as single, in combination or all of them at the same time.

All menus are totally customizable in their looks and style from theme admin.

All nav menus are totally responsive and they have 2 level dropdown – the dropdown is kept to 2 levels because there isn’t much vertical space in mobile devices to show more than 2 dropdown levels.

For older mobile devices’ touch support, specific jQuery code is used. Other than that the menus do not require any kind of jQuery or JavaScript code for their functionality.

Content Box Inserts

Rapier has 2 different content box inserts which work through shortcodes.

These content boxes allow you to insert stylized content to any post or page to create professional and functional layouts.

The theme code automatically processes the image you insert in the content box and creates an appropriately cropped and centered featured image for the box through CSS.

The boxes are customizable not only through theme admin by modifying their style, but also directly modifiable through attributes in shortcode – you can use any CSS property.


A fully customizable button feature allows you to format the buttons on your website.

These buttons can then be used through easy shortcodes.

You can also customize individual buttons by dropping CSS properties in their shortcode.

Call to Action Buttons

Rapier allows you to insert Call to Action buttons of any size and style into anywhere on your website. You can install huge 100% call to action inserts as well as stack Call to Action buttons together by specifying maximum widths.

All Call to Action buttons are customizable from theme admin and you can customize individual buttons through dropping CSS properties in their shortcodes.

Big Page Header

Rapier has a specific Page Header element in order to show flashy, huge page headings like in prominent news websites.

This element allows you to show your page title/topic to the user with increased impact and readability. When turned on, it takes over the page title and uses < H1 > element for increased SEO benefits.

Page Header can be turned on/off at any point globally, or individually for each page/post. It can also be turned on for specific pages/posts without being turned globally on.

When its turned off, it goes away and does not load any kind of HTML on your website.

You can also designate custom page headings to each individual page/post differently.

Better Slider Support

Through Page Header element, Rapier provides superior Slider support.

You can use Page Header element to display any Slider shortcode. This will insert the slider in precise location after the Header of your website and before the content in precise fashion, without breaking or disturbing the rest of the content.

This allows you to insert sliders seamlessly even to pages which have sidebars. With traditional themes, you end up having to put the slider shortcode in your page content, forcing you to use a full width page to display your slider due to pages with sidebars forcing slider to be very narrow in content area.

This feature is totally optional.

Hooks and Filters

Use hooks and filters to introduce different functionality to your theme.

Rapier uses WordPress hooks and filters systems responsively without doing too many function calls to slow your website down.

Easy Automatic Updates

Rapier tells you when a new version is available and it updates itself with a single click.

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