Rapier is Ultra Responsive

Today majority of internet traffic is reported to be mobile.

Any website which wants to provide a good user experience to its visitors and gain users needs to work well with mobile devices.

Built from ground up as Responsive

Rapier was designed and coded from the start as ultra responsive WordPress theme to work well with Mobile devices.

It does not need any special code, jQuery or JavaScript code to work on any given mobile device – its just responsive through HTML and CSS.

This allows Rapier to render well and be easily usable even on oldest mobile devices as well as latest smartphones, without forfeiting anything from its critical visuals.

Responsive into the Future

Rapier also has built-in support for up and coming responsive CSS standard, Flexbox. Flexbox is a new module from WWWW consortium and its specifically for mobile layouts.

Despite built-in support, Rapier currently does not utilize its Flexbox code to serve older browsers which are not able to work with Flexbox.

But the built-in support means when the time comes, you will be able to upgrade to a Flexbox Rapier Style with a single click without having to change your theme, and stay up to date with the latest technology.

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