Use All Google Fonts with Rapier

All Google Fonts at your disposal. Served from Google’s own CDN.

Enrich your content and website with the unmatched selection of Google’s fonts.

All Google Fonts

Pick any Google Font for any element in your website from Google Fonts Selector.

You can assign a separate Google Font for Page headings and give them a different style, whereas your widget headings can use a different Google font and have a different style. All the while your Call to Action buttons use a totally different one. You just select which Google Fonts to use for what elements, and the code does the rest – serves them all at once from Google CDN directly.

Loading too many external fonts is never good – but Rapier raises that bar by loading Google Fonts from Google’s own CDN with Google’s own CSS. This makes the fonts load much faster for all your visitors – not to mention caching.

If you are not using any Google Font, no kind of request for Google Fonts is served. This prevents and unnecessary requests and page load time increase for your page.

You will be able to get access to more Google Fonts as Google adds them.

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