Free Premium support period for Patron Plugin Pro extended indefinitely

Patron Plugin Pro

The free premium support period for Patron Plugin Pro has been extended indefinitely. Before, it was up to 1 month from purchase date.

Now you can pop a support ticket whenever you have an issue with Patron Plugin Pro.

This decision is to make sure that the early adopters of the plugin can get settled and going with the plugin and their particular usage setup.

Therefore free Premium support will be available indefinitely into the future, until we feel that the early adopters are comfortable and content with their plugin and all the early issues and kinks that pop up have been ironed out.

So, please don’t hesitate to pop a support ticket at CodeBard support page whenever you have an issue as a user of Patron Plugin Pro!

In order to be notified of such updates, you can join our mailing list for Patron Plugin Pro here or follow us from twitter

Good luck with your patrons!

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