New Patreon Plugin: Patron Content Manager for Patreon WordPress

Patron Content Manager

We are happy to announce new Patreon plugin from Codebard, Patron Content Manager!

Patron Content Manager makes it extremely easy to gate and manage your patron only content.

By using its easy to use interface, post, category, tag filters and gating wizard, you can easily manage new and old patron only content and optimize your pledges and patrons.

Use advanced gating with Patron Pro

Easily find and gate individual posts, easily mass gate posts by type, categories or tags, easily use advanced gating options with Patron Plugin Pro.

Find and gate your old content and boost your patrons and pledges. Easily find and gate old patron only content to optimize them for your current tiers – even if you have thousands of posts! Patron Content Manager makes it very easy to manage your patron only content on an ongoing basis.

Patron Content Manager can be used with Patreon WordPress, or it can be combined with Patron Plugin Pro to make use of its advanced gating options and mass gating feature.

Check out all the powerful and easy to use features of Patron Content Manager and order here.

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