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How to turn site speed up on/off

NimblePress speeds up your site by default by loading the stylesheet and its navigation menu inlined inside your page. This avoids an extra call to your server or a CDN to get these files, and it makes them non-render blocking so that your visitors won’t wait 0.5 -1 seconds for the page to start showing in order to wait for the already small stylesheet to load. As this is on by default, you don’t need to anything.

But in case you would want to turn this off, follow the below steps:

  • Go to WP admin -> Themes -> Customize -> Misc
  • Set Inline the css option to ‘No’
  • Click ‘Publish’ from above

Repeat the same for the ‘Inline navigation JavaScript menu’ in case you also want to load it slower.

Note that you can speed up your site further by getting NimblePress Premium and have your site load jQuery faster.

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