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Content drip / Lifetime pledge locking

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You can use the ‘Content drip’ in advanced locking methods to utilize content drip with your content.

Content drip is a method of making content available to patrons as time goes by, encouraging longer durations of membership.


You gate your posts with content drip in a staggered manner, Post A requires $10 lifetime pledge, Post B requires $15, Post C requires $20.

This means that a patron who has $5 monthly membership will gain access to:

  • Post A after 2 months of membership
  • Post B after 3 months of membership
  • Post C after 4 months of membership

Meanwhile long-term patrons who were already patrons for a long time will easily qualify over $20 lifetime pledge, will immediately have access to these posts at the moment you post them.

Therefore content drip is a good way to encourage long term patronage.

To use content drip, go to a post in your post editor (or start a new post), and find ‘Advanced Locking’ metabox which Patron Pro adds to your post editor and select ‘Content drip’:

Content drip selection

Then type in the lifetime pledge amount  which you want to gate this post for. Ie, based on the example above, 10, 15, or 20.

After that, save the post.

The locking options will update, and only patrons with equal or higher lifetime pledge will be able to access this post.

This way, you can drip your content to your patrons slowly over time.