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How to lock your singular content

There are many ways to lock your singular content content (a post, a custom post etc) depending on whichever best for your creatives or service. You can click each method’s title to read more about them in detail.

Simple lock allows you to lock any content by entering a $ amount in the ‘Patreon level’ meta box in your post editor.

Mark entire post patron only checkbox in the meta box in your post editor will lock your content for $1 swiftly.

Advanced Patreon Level options which you can show by clicking ‘Show advanced’ in “Patreon Level” meta box in your post editor will allow you to lock your content for active patrons only, or require a total historical pledge

Advanced Single Post Locking Options in the ‘Advanced locking’ meta box in post editor will enable you to lock or show your singular post/content by date, or a number of days

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