Patron Plugin Pro Price Adjustment

Up until today, Patron Plugin Pro was offered from prices that are very low compared to the average WordPress premium plugin prices, leaving aside membership plugin prices. Patron Pro was priced at around ~€30/year  (~$35/year), and it was possible to get it from ~€21/year  (~$23/year) when the Black Friday discount was combined with the subscription discount, making Patron Pro considerably underpriced when compared to the average WordPress premium plugin prices which range from $60/year to $150/year.

We kept this format for over 5 years in order to help WordPress site owners easily get started with Patreon and to help Patreon creators get started with WordPress, to boost the campaigns and revenues of our community from both sides. During this time, it has been a pleasure to see many community members from WordPress backgrounds get started with Patreon, and community members from Patreon creator backgrounds get started with WordPress, helping converge these two worlds that have much in common.

In the same vein, to fund the development of Patron Pro and other Patreon plugins further and help push our community forward, we are updating the pricing of Patron Plugin Pro to be closer to the premium WordPress plugin averages by changing the price to €60/year (~$65/year) . This brings Patron Pro to the lower end of average WordPress premium plugin prices and it will help boost its development.

Please note that if you already have a subscription to Patron Plugin Pro from the earlier prices, this wont affect you in any way, and you will be able to keep your existing subscriptions from the earlier price, and your attached licenses will stay active, allowing you to get all the new features and updates to Patron Plugin Pro as long as you keep your existing subscription active – regardless of the price you subscribed from.

Those of you who don’t have an existing subscription to Patron Plugin Pro and those who want to get Patron Pro for a new site will need to use the new prices starting today. However, there is still a way to get a considerable, permanent discount even in that case:

If you combine the 15% discount that we offer in the checkout with the subscription option with the 20% Black Friday discount that we traditionally offer, you can still get Patron Pro from a permanent €50/year (~$55/year) instead of €60/year (~$65/year). Like in the case of the members with existing subscriptions, these new discounted subscriptions will be permanent, meaning that they won’t be affected by price increases going forward.

As a result, this year we are starting Black Friday early to accommodate members without existing subscriptions to help ease the transition. Starting today, you can use the discount code HAPPYBLACKFRIDAY2023 during checkout in order to get a permanent 20% discount – remember to choose the subscription option to combine it with an additional 15%!

You can get a Patron Pro subscription with a double discount by choosing the ‘Subscribe’ option in the Patron Pro price selection page below and then entering the HAPPYBLACKFRIDAY2023 discount code in the “Have a discount code? Click to enter it” section on the checkout page following it:

Additionally, the members of Codebard’s Patreon Campaign at ‘All Access’ tier and above will not be affected by this price change and future price changes, so if you are a member of the ‘All Access’ tier, you don’t need to take any action.

While this price is a significant percentage change, it brings Patron Pro closer to WordPress averages, and it will help its development. We thank you for your patience with us.

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