Update available for Patreon WordPress and Patron Plugin Pro in Patron Pro package

Patron Plugin Pro

Patreon WordPress and Patron Plugin Pro in Patron Pro package got important updates:

Patron Plugin Pro:

= 1.1.0 =

* Compatible with Patreon’s upcoming API v2
* Bug with advanced post locking options being deleted when post is saved without any change fixed

Patreon WordPress

= 3.0.4 =

* Functionality for using Patreon API v2 added
* API class uses v2 if v2 credentials are saved in settings-overview
* Content drip locking options added to post interface when API v2 is being used
* Content drip locking logic added to protectContentFromUsers function for when API v2 is being used
* Now can easily switch in between API v1 and API v2 by just changing API credentials in settings-overview
* Code to handle any connection errors added to API class
* Connection errors are now shown in frontend so users wont get confused
* GDPR privacy policy addendum via using WP 4.9.6’s new privacy policy helper page
* GDPR admin notice and plugin settings page infobox added
* Links to GDPR tutorial at Patreon Zendesk added
* readfile in image protection functions replaced with echo file_get_contents to make protected images load faster
* Undefined var notice fixes for API v2 functions

To be able to update through your WordPress admin, you must have a valid license and had activated/saved this through the ‘Addons’ tab of your Patron Plugin Pro admin.

If you are having issues while updating, or any issue with your plugin after updating please contact support

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