Use new subscribe option with Black Friday discount to get 33% permanent total discount for Patron Pro

Patron Plugin Pro

Up until now, you had to buy Patron Pro and then manually renew your license before expiration.

With the new subscription option, you can subscribe to Patron Pro when buying a new license or renewing your license to get a permanent 15% discount!

This way, Paypal will automatically process your renewal next time your license expires, and you will not have to go renew your license manually and go though the hassle. Not to mention you will get a 15% permanent discount on Patron Pro.

If you combine the discount advantage of subscription with Black Friday’s 20% discount code, you can get a total 33% discount on your subscription!

To make use of this opportunity, just order Patron Pro for new sites which you want to use by using the new subscription option or renew your expired licenses. You can also extend your non-expired licenses to upgrade to this payment option.

To do that, visit your your codebard account and click ‘Renew license’ next to any expired licenses you have, or ‘Extend license’ for your non-expired licenses.

The cart should show you the non-subscription, full price. To change it to discounted subscription option, scroll down to “Checkout choice” section and change the selection to “Patron Plugin Pro | Subscribe to get permanent 15% discount” option.

This will update your cart and apply the discount.

After that, use the Black Friday / Cyber Monday discount code HAPPYBLACKFRIDAY2019 to get 20% discount in addition, bringing your discounted subscription to a total of 33% discount!

While buying for new sites, you can just use the new default subscription option and then apply the discount code to get the same discount.

Get Patron Pro for different sites here.

You can access all existing free and premium CodeBard plugins at our store here.

Happy Black Friday and good luck with your patrons!

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