Advantages of Adding Memberships to Your WordPress Site with Patreon

Making a membership site with WordPress

Adding memberships to your WordPress site with Patreon provides you many important advantages which you can’t have if you used a traditional membership plugin with traditional payment processors like PayPal or Stripe.

Patreon handles all members’ payments and acts as a membership platform, you are free from many business and legal responsibilities while using Patreon for your memberships.

Let’s have a look at a few of them:

Patreon handles all digital taxes

This is a big one – EU’s digital VAT and similar taxes which are being introduced by various countries are all charged, handled by Patreon and paid to relevant countries. Patreon pays you a lump sum for which you don’t have to process such digital taxes for each and every member you have, who may be from various different countries with various different tax rates which you must individually process. Which reduces your technical and administrative responsibilities as well as your accounting costs, Taking another major weight off of your shoulders.

Patreon handles chargebacks, fraud, and refunds

Instead of you having to handle these yourself, Patreon handles such incidents, which frees you to run your website and memberships. Considering how average percentage for such incidents in e-commerce hover around 5%, this is a considerable benefit that frees you from such administrative responsibilities.

Patreon takes care of sensitive and private data

Patreon handles payments and therefore keeps payment-related data, addresses, and other sensitive personal data which would bring you legal responsibilities if you kept them at your site. This takes off considerable legal responsibilities and accompanying administrative off of your shoulders.

Patreon provides many different payment methods in different languages

While you could provide a few payment methods like PayPal or Stripe at your site, Patreon can provide many different payment methods to your members and provide them in their own language. Both of which increase the number of your members and their satisfaction, directly helping your revenue.

Patreon is a known and trusted brand

While new visitors to your website may be hesitant to subscribe to a website that they don’t know enough by giving their payment information, many people know and trust Patreon, whereas millions of patrons already have accounts at Patreon. Your site being connected to Patreon not only increases the trust of your visitors but also makes it easy for members to subscribe and keep track of their membership. This decreases cancellation/refund requests that happen by mistake when the members cannot recognize the charge they just received to their PayPal or credit card, as well as increasing signups from new patrons.

Patreon makes membership easier

Patreon’s platform makes it very easy to set up your membership tiers, their payment values, the benefits which each tier provides. This reduces clutter and complexity at your website, while also providing you with the opportunity to integrate more services and websites with the same membership campaign. For example, you can provide a member-only Discord to your members by linking your Patreon to your Discord. Similarly, you can provide patron-only podcasts by linking your Patreon to Acast, or provide patron-only videos by linking your Patreon to Vimeo. So you can use your Patreon membership campaign as a central hub to provide many different offerings to your members in addition to patron-only content and other benefits at your WordPress website.

As you see, there are many memberships to adding memberships to your WordPress website using Patreon. Less legal and administrative responsibilities, more offerings and benefits, possibility of integrating many different services. All of which increase the number of your members, their satisfaction, and your revenue.

Even better, you can use our plugin Patron Plugin Pro to get going with Patreon in 15 minutes!

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