Black Friday / Cyber Monday 2023 starts at Codebard!

Black Friday

Celebrate Black Friday / Cyber Monday with us with the HAPPYBLACKFRIDAY2023 discount code to get a 20% discount on all purchases and renewals!

Combine this with subscribe option for Patron Pro to get a ~33% permanent combined discount!

You can use this coupon multiple times, and you can get all your purchases discounted regardless of the total purchase amount. The discount will be active starting today until 5 December!

Use this chance to renew your existing licenses at your codebard account!

Get Patron Pro for different sites here.

Get Patron Content Manager to easily manage your old & new patron-only content here. Re-gate old content, optimize up-to-date content, easily add new patron-only content. Patron Content Manager makes it easy to manage all of your patron-only content from a single page and it even helps you use Patron Pro gating features you may not have known to have existed!

Access all existing free and premium plugins for Patreon here. Install all of them to unlock additional features at your site and have them synergize to increase your patrons & pledges.

Happy Black Friday and good luck with your patrons!

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