Patron Plugin Pro 1.0.7 is out and has Advanced Single Post Locking and Image Locking!

Version 1.0.7 of Patron Plugin Pro package is out and it comes with two long-awaited features!

Advanced Locking Options for Single Posts/Pages (including custom posts)

Now you can mark a post patron only and make it locked after a certain date, show after a certain date, locked after X days, show after X days. More details at advanced single post locking details page.

How to make images Patron-Only

Now you can lock your images (webcomics, photos, any image) by using image locking feature. More details at image locking details page.


Additionally, a bug that caused “This content is for Patrons pledging $X” message under non-locked posts and pages was fixed.


To be able to update, you must have a valid license and had activated/saved this through the ‘Addons’ tab of your Patron Plugin Pro admin.

If you are having issues while updating, please contact support

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