DSPress For BitClout – Diamond – DeSo Is Released!


There is an emerging intersection of the Creator Economy, Blockchain and NFTs in the form of social coins and creator NFT sales. In this emerging space, creators of any kind can fund their activities through the support of their audience. Moreover, social coins allow creators’ supporters to make money through the creators’ activities and popularity, allowing creators’ communities to prosper together with creators themselves.

This is a revolutionary new phenomenon which will change the Internet landscape and how we produce and consume content, forever. A people-powered Internet, in which neither creators nor their audiences will be beholden to external sponsors.

In this new world, BitClout is a new service that makes it very easy for non-technical creators to enter this new world of blockchain, NFTs and social coins, as you can read in this extremely simple guide.

BitClout and other services that are built on decentralized social network provide an easy way for creators and their audiences to get a head start. Since its launch in mid-summer 2021, BitClout rapidly amassed a large user base that is comprised of famous influencers, their audiences and Internet pioneers. And the decentralized social network technology that it is built on, has seen an unprecedented launch of more than ~100 apps on the network, proving that this emerging phenomenon is not only extremely profitable for both creators and their audiences, but also it makes decentralized finance, content creation and networking easy to understand and easy to use.

Today, to help WordPress community and creators easily enter this space, CodeBard is releasing DSPress, the first free WordPress plugin for BitClout – Diamond – DeSo.

You can use DSPress to bring DeSo features to your site and sell your or your site’s coins to your site users and visitors at BitClout or another DeSo node to fund your creative activities.

Download and install DSPress today to get a head start and keep it updated to enjoy more features to integrate blockchain / decentralized social economy / NFTs into your WordPress site as they are released!

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