Patron Pro 1.5.0 Is Out! It Includes All The Required Plugins Inside!

Patron Plugin Pro

Patron Pro 1.5.0 update brings you a great enhancement!

Patron Plugin Pro Now Includes All The Other Plugins It Requires

All the other plugins which Patron Pro required are now included inside Patron Pro code itself. This allows you to just install and keep Patron Plugin Pro to access all basic and advanced Patreon features instead of having to install and keep more than one plugin.

If you have these other plugins installed, Patron Pro will just use them and it will work just as it did before. If you uninstall any or all of the required plugins, Patron Pro will just bring the features in those plugins from inside its own code and you will still keep all of the functions you had from before.

This will make it much easier to not only install Patron Plugin Pro, but also keep it updated.  Now you can uninstall the other, formerly required plugins and just keep Patron Plugin Pro installed & updated. All the new features that are added to these other plugins will be automatically included in Patron Pro updates automatically.

The change is transparent and you don’t have to do anything. Patron Pro will just auto-detect what it needs to do and do whatever is needed by itself.

This also means that the setup process of the plugin is now down to min. 2 steps instead of the min. 3 steps from before, making setting up the plugin much easier.

If you had any problems installing & setting up Patron Plugin Pro before – especially in the first step – you can now retry with 1.5.0 which altogether skips that step and does not need to download any external plugins. Since some web hosts prevent automatic downloads of plugins, this may have been an issue in case you encountered errors while setting up the plugin. Now you can directly set it up since it won’t download any other plugins.

Advanced Locking Metabox Moved Up

Advanced locking metabox was moved up in post editor so that you can find and use it easier.

Image Locking Fixes Related To Thumbnail Size Images

Image locking was causing issues with some thumbnail size images. This was fixed and thumbnail size images now should be processed properly by image locking feature.


If you would like to see a summary of all new features and changes in recent updates, visit the summary page.



Updating Patron Pro is very easy:

If you see a notice that says new version is available for Patron Pro in your WordPress admin, just click to upgrade your installation. Patron Pro will do the rest. Upgrading requires having an active license which is saved in the Addons tab of your Patron Pro admin. If you recently activated your license, you may need to wait ~45 minutes for it to be recognized.

If you aren’t able to see any notice or updates, then you may need to do it manually once. To do that, just deactivate/delete Patron Plugin Pro by CodeBard in your WordPress plugin admin. Then download the latest version from your CodeBard account, and upload/install and activate the you just downloaded. Patron Pro will do the rest.

If you are having issues while updating, or any issue with your plugin after updating please contact support

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