Patron Pro Feature Highlights from Updates

Patron Plugin Pro

Here you can read the highlights of important features and changes which Patron Pro has received in the recent versions. If you missed any of the update notification emails which we send to our mailing list, you can catch up on this page.

Version 1.6.2

(re)Connection Feature Improvement

The ‘Reconnection’ feature previously could only be used to reconnect the site to Patreon only if the site had an active connection. Now it can be used to fix a site’s connection even if the connection is broken. If you suspect that your site’s connection to Patreon is broken, just go to WP admin -> Patreon Settings -> (re)Connect Site and refresh the connection of your site.

Version 1.6.1

Minor Post Sync Improvement

A ‘Cancel’ button for canceling manual post imports after starting them was added. Also an issue that prevented using the ‘Import next batch’ button immediately after starting a manual post import was fixed.

Version 1.6.0

A PHP Warning Was Fixed

A PHP warning that could appear in certain cases was fixed

Version 1.5.9

Minor CSRF Vulnerability Fix

A minor CSRF vulnerability that could allow an attacker to tamper with your plugin settings was fixed.

Version 1.5.8

“Already a member?” Label Fix

The “Already a member? Refresh…” label that needed to appear below the locked posts was missing. This label should now appear and change depending on the user or the patron accordingly.

Various issues about not being able to save certain settings and forms were fixed

Certain forms and settings were not saving when changing settings. These were fixed and those settings now should save correctly.

Settings tabs fix

Some settings tabs were not working correctly. Now they should display and get selected correctly.

Cross-site vulnerability fix

A potential vulnerability to x-site attacks was fixed.

Various fixes

Various PHP warnings were fixed.

Version 1.5.7

“Show by Age” locking fix

A bug that caused 0 or negative amount of days in day countdown when locking posts with this feature was fixed.

Updated core functions to avoid breaking WP cli and frontend pages

Some core functions were addressed to avoid interfering with WP cli and frontend pages.

License checking

Improvements were made in license checking to increase update reliability.

Updates From Included Plugins

All new updates made to Patron Button and Widgets were included in Patron Pro.

Various fixes

Various PHP issues were fixed

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Version 1.5.5


A bug that could cause interference with some of the functions of the WP CLI utility that is used in managed WordPress hosting services was fixed.

Custom Patron Only Banner Renamed To Sneak Peek

‘Custom Patron Only Banner’ label in the metabox in post editor was renamed to ‘Sneak Peek’ for more clarity.

Various fixes and improvements

A minor security issue about form sanitization was fixed. A PHP warning was fixed.

Version 1.5.4

Improved Current User Pledge Handling

A caching logic that was affecting how the current user pledge was handled was updated through included libraries. This will allow more accurate calculation of current user’s pledge amount.

App Icon Fix

Due to a directory error, the app icon was not properly showing in Patreon login/confirmation screens. This is now fixed. Reconnecting the site to Patreon should fix this problem.

Accessibility Improvements

Aria labels were added for screenreaders to improve accessibility. Now settings options in settings screens, call to actions in buttons and widgets should provide an aria description to screen readers.

Documentation And Quickstart Links In Setup Were Fixed

Setup wizard’s final screen was not displaying documentation and quickstart links properly. These are now fixed.

Updates From Included Plugins

All new updates made to Patreon WordPress were included in Patron Pro.

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Version 1.5.3

Patron-Only And Non-Patron-Only Shortcode Bugfixes

Bugs that affected ppp_patron_only and ppp_non_patron_only shortcodes were fixed. A PHP warning was fixed.

Updates From Included Plugins

All new updates made to Patreon WordPress were included in Patron Pro.

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Version 1.5.2

Improved Pledge Handling

Unlocking content was improved. This will prevent your site from getting throttled/blocked when patrons are unlocking content, and increase patron satisfaction.

Updates From Included Plugins

All new updates made to Patreon WordPress were included in Patron Pro.

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Version 1.5.1

Improved Pledge Handling

Patron Pro now has improved pledge handling when unlocking content. This will improve content unlocking and reduce the number of patrons that are not able to unlock content that they qualify for.

Locked Post Interface Now Handles All Currencies

You can now set any currency to show in locked post interfaces. Patron Pro correctly handles and shows the saved currency.

Updates From Included Plugins

All new updates made to Patreon WordPress were included in Patron Pro.

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Version 1.5.0

Patron Plugin Pro Now Includes All The Other Plugins It Requires

Patron Pro now includes all the required plugins. This makes setting it up and maintaining it easier. Anyone who had problems setting up the plugin can now retry the new setup which is much easier to use.

Advanced Locking Metabox Moved Up

Advanced locking metabox was moved up in post editor so that you can find and use it easier.

Image Locking Fixes Related To Thumbnail Size Images

Fixed an issue with image locking causing issues with some thumbnail size images.

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Version 1.4.9

Content drip locking added

You can lock your content with content drip to slowly release content and reward long time patrons.

Fixed a minor PHP warning/notice/deprecated issues

Various warning/notice/deprecated notices were fixed.

Added links to Advanced Locking Options for Manual Pages

Added manual page links for each advanced locking option in Advanced Locking metabox.

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Version 1.4.8

Post sync feature compatibility

Patron Pro can now utilize Patreon WordPress’ new post sync feature to import/sync your posts from Patreon to your WP site.

Fixed a minor issue with a PHP warning about wp_version

In some cases a wp_version warning was being logged. This was fixed.

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Version 1.4.7

Now compatible with Paid Memberships Pro

Any content which is gated with either Paid Memberships Pro or Patreon can be unlocked by any patron/member with a matching membership.

Fixed issue with slashes being added to “Patron-only Post Summary in Post Listing Heading” summaries

Previously slashes were being added to summaries put in that field in content locking section. This was fixed.

Javasscript compatibility change

Javascript of the plugin was changed to make it more compatible with other plugins.

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Version 1.4.6

Date locking now allows future locking dates

Previously date based locking or unlocking could only be used with current year’s dates. 1.4.6 allows content to be locked or shown at dates 5 years into the future.

Numerous bug fixes and small enhancements

Numerous fixes and enhancements were incorporated into Patron Pro in between 1.4.0 and 1.4.6.

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Version 1.4.0

Custom Patron Greeting widget

A widget that allows you to show customized greetings to your patrons based on their tier was added.

Patreon goals widget

A widget that allows you to show the status of your Patreon financial goal was added.

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Version 1.3.9

Setup wizard issues fixed

An issue was causing too many redirects or PHP errors/warnings during connection phase of setup. This was fixed.

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Version 1.3.8

Content locking options slightly revamped

In content locking tab, custom post locking has been made intuitive.

Creator profile link updated

In the text that appears over the unlock button on locked posts, creator profile link that goes to your Patreon page was updated.

Patron Pro will avoid gating content if site is not connected

If your site is not connected to Patreon or connection details are incomplete, Patron Pro will now avoid gating content to prevent the content from being inaccessible.

utm parameters are added to creator profile link

utm parameters to allow tracking of the traffic that comes to your profile page at Patreon via your site have been added.

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Version 1.3.7

Now automatically sets your Patreon profile url for button and widgets

Patron Pro will now automatically set your Patreon profile url for buttons and widgets if you haven’t set it or it is missing/broken.

Version 1.3.6

Now compatible with Patreon WordPress’ setup wizard

Patron Pro is now compatible with the new easy setup process, and will lead you through the process of connecting your new site to Patreon via 2 clicks.

Version 1.3.5

A minor bug about VIP user detection, leading to normal users to access higher level content than they pledged was fixed

A bug was causing misdetection of VIP users, detecting normal pledging users as VIP users, leading this users to access higher level content. This was fixed.

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Version 1.3.4

A major bug which caused login lock to fail for normal user/password logins was fixed

A bug causing login lock to not work for normal user/pass logins for users who registered via Patreon before, was fixed.

Login lock now places users on pledge flow

Login lock now places users on pledge flow so that they can pledge and auto login easily.

Creator url bug in locked post interface fixed

Creator profile url was appearing as %%creator_url%% in locked post interface. This was fixed.

Patron Pro now auto-fills your creator profile url for “Become a Patron” buttons

Patron Pro now auto-fills your profile url if you have not entered your profile url in Quickstart settings, this fixes 404 problems with ‘Become a Patron’ button.

Pledge level is now correctly used by “Become a Patron” buttons

If you turned ‘Put users directly to Patron Pipeline when they click a “be our patron” button’ setting on, now it uses a $1 pledge amount to make them patrons.

An issue with notices was fixed

A bug was causing issues with admin-side notices from the plugin. This was fixed.

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Version 1.3.3

Minor installation bugfix for PHP 7.1+ sites

An issue causing an error when installing Patron Pro on PHP 7.1+ sites was fixed. Additionally an issue which may have caused some admin messages to be non-dismissable for some installations was fixed.

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Version 1.3.2

You can lock your posts by your Patreon tiers now

Instead of just entering the $ amount to lock a post, now you will be able to select a tier from the tiers you have at Patreon to lock a post. This will make it easier to lock your posts and keep track of them. The $ amounts you entered in the lock box before will be automatically recognized.

Locked post interface has been updated

Now the matching tier required to access a locked post will be shown in the info about locked posts as opposed to only the $ amount. Additionally there will be a link to your Patreon profile.

Various important bugfixes

Various bugs were fixed, including one that caused lifetime pledge amount not getting recognized, custom banner display logic issues, and one that caused Custom post banner to not appear in Gutenberg editor.

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Version 1.3.1

Now you can use custom excerpts for your sneak peeks

Now you can use manual excerpts for sneak peek feature by just filling in the excerpt meta for your post in the WP post editor. If you leave out the manual excerpt, the sneak peek will be auto generated from your post content like before.

Nested shortcode fix

An issue was preventing patron only shortcodes from working when nested with other shortcodes. 1.3.1 fixes that.

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Version 1.3.0

You can now lock posts by categories, tags and more!

Now you can lock posts by categories, tags. You can lock custom posts also by their own custom categories and tags.

For example you can lock Category A for $1, with a specific locking rule, whereas locking Category B, for $5 and a totally different rule. At the same time you can lock Tag A and Tag B with different $ levels and rules, and so on.

Background color option for Patron only sections/excerpts inside your post

Before it was not possible to change the background color of the locked content boxes for patron only sections of your posts. Now with the new option its possible. In the ‘Patron only sections inside posts’ section at the ‘Content Locking’ tab of your plugin settings, you can find the above option to change the background color of your patron only excerpts.

Content Locking Settings Section Revamp

Content locking settings section is revamped, making it easier to use. Now you can toggle different groups of settings. And each group has a link to their manual page.

Minor changes and fixes

Lock by age feature was not counting down the days until a locked post would be accessible to all. This was fixed.

Login lock feature was not letting VIP and qualifying Custom Patreon level users to log in. This was fixed.

***patreonlevelrequirement*** variable was not working when you put in for custom patron only post section/excerpt option. This was fixed.

Read details here!

Version 1.2.7

Patron Pro now has VIP users and Custom $ level users feature!

Patron Pro brings you post excerpts locked by custom $ level with 1.2.7, a feature which a lot of you asked for! Previously you could lock parts of your posts only for $1. With this new feature, you can set a specific $ level to mark an excerpt only for patrons pledging at that $ level or more.

Non-patrons only shortcode

A new shortcode, ‘Non-patrons only’ was added as well. This shortcode allows you to mark parts of your post/content for non-patrons only. Those parts then would be shown only to non-patrons.

Minor changes and fixes

A major bug which was causing the ‘Login locking’ feature to malfunction was fixed with 1.2.7 as well. Now login locking should function properly.

A post footer which tells user that a post will be free/public in X days was added. This footer shows on content that is locked, but will be public at a certain date.

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Version 1.2.6

Patron Pro now has VIP users and Custom $ level users feature!

The new ‘VIP user’ feature allows you to mark a user as a VIP, which will grant that user access to all content. And with the Custom Patreon Levels feature you can set a $ value for a user, which will entitle them to content that is locked at or lower than that $ value.

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