Patron Plugin Pro Now Has Patreon WordPress And Patron Button and Widgets for Patreon Built-In

Patron Plugin Pro

Patron Pro now has the two plugins that it needs to function built-in, instead of them having to be installed as separate plugins. This way, you can remove these two plugins and keep just Patron Pro in order to easily keep the features of all three plugins instead of maintaining three separate plugins.

Having to keep three plugins installed and updated was creating problems due to version differences and causing issues with the features of these plugins. These issues ranged from patrons not being able to unlock content that they were entitled to at your site to odd behaviors in visuals of locked posts. Moreover, having to maintain all these plugins updated was cumbersome and unnecessary.

With version 1.5.0, Patron Pro now has both of these plugins built into it and it is now a standalone plugin that provides all of the features that these plugins provide, on top of Patron Pro’s own features.

This means that you can have just Patron Pro and enjoy all features of all plugins instead of having to maintain three plugins. All the updates to the other two plugins will be included in Patron Pro from this point on.

Deactivating & deleting the other two plugins ( Patreon WordPress And Patron Button and Widgets for Patreon ) is necessary in order to prevent version conflicts and odd, unpredictable behavior. It is strongly recommended that you upgrade Patron Pro and disable and remove the other two plugins. This will not affect your settings and locked posts – all of them will remain the same.

If you have any questions or if you encounter any issues, please contact support here.

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