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How to allow only your patrons to log in to your site

In Patron Plugin Pro admin section of your WordPress admin, at Content Locking tab, there are options to allow only patrons to log into your site.

Patron only login lock

If you set a $ amount in the settings box under “Only patrons can login” option, then only users who have that much or more pledge to you can log in to your site. Any user who is not a patron or any patron who doesn’t have enough pledge will be shown a message saying that logging in requires a higher pledge level. User groups like Administrators, Editors can be listed to be allowed to log in even if they are not patrons. “Add user role to permitted login list” and “Remove user role from permitted login list” sections below “Only patrons can login” section allow you to add/remove more user roles from the exemptions list.

“Only patrons can login message 1” and “Only patrons can login message 2” boxes allow you to customize which text will be shown to non patrons before the $ value and after the $ value. This allows you to provide a custom notice to users who cant log in because their pledge level is not enough.

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