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How to show teasers before locked posts (Sneak peek)

You can show excerpts/teasers before locked posts to encourage your readers to become your patrons.

sneak peek feature

If you set “Show excerpts from posts before locked posts” to yes, an excerpt will be created from the locked post content, and will be placed into the placeholder {%%show_excerpt_here%%}, and then shown before any locked post.

In the visual editor below, you can format how the excerpt will show up, and you can add extra text/info as seen in the example. HTML is accepted in the format. Also shortcodes are processed.

You can also have an individual sneak peek for each post by using the “Sneak Peek” metabox in the post editor when posting/editing any post. If there is a post-specific sneak peek, that would be used. If there isnt, then the generic one above would be used.



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