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How to use Custom Patron Greeting widget

With custom patron greeting widget, you can give a special shout out to your patrons whenever they log in to your site!

Above is an example custom greeting for all patrons (Any pledge amount). For any tier that doesn’t have a special greeting, the default one gets used.

Above is a greeting for an example $5 “Poet” tier.

Above is a custom greeting for a $50 tier.

You can set a specialized greeting for every tier, and, when your patrons log in to your site, they are greeted with that specific greeting. For any tier which doesnt have a customized greeting, the next best customized greeting will be used.

You can use images, embedded content and formatting in your greetings.

To use this feature, visit your plugin settings page via ‘Patron Plugin Pro’ settings menu, and go to the ‘Sidebar Widgets’ tab.

Scroll down to the ‘Patron greeting widget’ section to view the editor that allows you to set greetings for your tiers.

When you select any specific tier, the greeting title and message for that tier will show up in the editor. For any tier that doesn’t have a specific greeting, default greeting message is used. Anonymous visitors also have a default greeting message, though you can also set a custom greeting for them as well.

The greeting title sets the title of the widget for that tier, and greeting message sets the message that will be shown in widget.

Using the placeholder {patronname} anywhere within the greeting widget. You can also use any kind of HTML, icons, images, embeds and other formatted content in the greeting message.














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