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The updated setup wizard in Patron Pro makes connecting your site to Patreon and gating your content with advanced methods very easy:

1 – Download the Patron Pro plugin file ( from your CodeBard account

2 – Visit plugin admin of your WP site, and click ‘Add new’.

Add new

3 – Click “Upload”, and in the resulting file selection input, find and choose ‘’ file you downloaded earlier.

Upload The plugin

4 – When upload finishes, WordPress will let you know, and let you activate the plugin. Click “Activate” button to activate the plugin.


5 – Setup wizard will kick in. Just follow its instructions.

Setup 1

6 – When setup wizard is done installing and configuring the Patron Pro bundle, click for the next

Setup 2

7 – Click ‘Lets start’ to be taken to Patreon to connect your site.

Setup 3

8 – Give permission to Patreon to connect to your site by clicking “Allow”.

Give permission

9 – In a few seconds, you will be back at your site and your site will be connected to Patreon! You’re done! To get started with Patron Pro at lightning speed, check out Quickstart guide. To make sure you hear about new features and updates to Patron Pro, subscribe to our mailing list or follow us on twitter. Patron Pro adds new features to its already rich list of features.

Setup 4

As an example, you can gate your content with very advanced methods in one go!

Advanced gating methods

If you wish, you can gate individual posts with advanced methods as well.

Advanced gating methods for individual posts

Now the advanced tools which Patron Pro provides are at your disposal and they will help you increase your patrons and pledges to new heights. Whenever in doubt, refer to the manual or contact support!

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