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Patron Plugin Pro functions out of the box. Just make sure you followed installation steps listed here closely.

1 – The minimum thing you need to know is how to mark your posts or content Patron-only.

Visit the manual here and at least read the first 3-4 items. This will readily enable to make use of the content-locking functions.

2 – Please make sure you visit “Patron Plugin Pro” menu in your WordPress admin, go to “Addons” tab, and enter and activate the license key you got during your purchase.

This step is important since this will enable you to receive automatic updates for new features and fixes to your plugin easily from your WordPress admin. In case there isn’t an active license, plugin will not receive updates.

3 – Mark any post/content (posts, videos, anything) patron-only as necessary. Or, mark any post type (like Lyrics, Videos or whichever you have) patron only as necessary. You can also mark any part of any post as patron-only with the buttons in your WordPress editor.

4 – Enjoy your new Patrons and Pledges!

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