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Patron Pro Addon for Patreon WordPress
Works with all Patreon plans!

  • Make parts of your posts patron only
  • Offer sneak peeks for locked posts
  • Lock or show posts by age, date, category, tag, content drip
  • Allow only patrons to log in
  • VIP members, custom pledge level members
  • Use advanced widgets like Custom Patron Greetings

Patron Plugin Pro
Easy Setup
Use advanced locking

Lock your content by date, by age, lock last (x) posts, show posts by age, show last (x) posts! Lock all posts by category, tag, or custom taxonomy! Lock posts with popular Content Drip method!

Lock your entire site, and then still use different locking levels for content types or even individual content!

Check out a post locked with an advanced method here

Offer sneak peeks for your locked posts

Show parts of your locked posts or show custom excerpts in locked post pages!

Increase interest and engagement of your visitors to increase your patrons.

Check out an example here

Sneak Peek
Enhanced Content Locking
Lock or show parts of your posts!

Use Patron Pro’s easy shortcodes to lock parts of your posts or content!

You can lock more than one part of the content within the same post, each with different pledge level requirement if you wish!

Check out an example here.

Use Login lock

Set a login lock to allow only patrons from a certain tier and above to log in and use your site!

Eliminate spam, incentivize pledges in one go.

Exclude any user role you want from login lock and allow them to login without having pledged.

Login lock
Reward your patrons
VIP and Custom pledge level users

Designate any user as a VIP user and allow them access to all your content!

Give any user a custom pledge level to allow them access to any relevant tier!

Reward your backers from other venues than Patreon by giving them access to content at your site.

Customize everything!

Locked post text, banners, excerpts – customize everything!

Use custom banners/text for your entire site, or for individual content!

Check out a locked post with custom banner

Read how you can use advanced widgets like Custom Patron Greeting widget

Professional Features
Patron Pro is the most accessible Membership Solution
Easy on your wallet!

Only 29,95€ /year with access to all new features, fixes and updates!

Power up your Patreon integration to next level without hidden costs!

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