Patron Pro is updated with major new features

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Patron Pro 1.2.0 brings you new ways to lock your content!

Utilizing the Patreon’s new v2 API, Patron Pro now allows you to lock your content in different ways:

– You can now mark your content to ‘Require an active pledge at the time of this post’s creation to view this post’, and that content will be available to users who were your patrons at the time that content was published. This allows you to implement ‘content drip’ membership format, which will encourage your members to stay as your members, while preventing users from pledging just once, getting access to your entire site, and then canceling their pledge and leaving. With this method, you will reward your long-time patrons and encourage new patrons to stay as members!

– By using the optional ‘Require a lifetime pledge amount greater than this amount to view this post’ value, you can reward your long time or high-paying patrons. If you enter a $ value in this box for any locked content or post, then any patron with total lifetime pledge equal to or higher than this value, will be able to see your content – even if they are now a lower tier patron, or even not an active patron. For example, you can put $300 to lifetime pledge amount, and a patron who had paid you $500 in total up until today will still be able to see that post even if the post is locked for, say, $15 and s/he is pledging only $5 today. This gives you a way to reward your high-paying or high-tier patrons, and it can be used in combination with the other locking options!

In combination with the ways which Patron Pro already provides you, these can be used in combination and can provide you dozens of new ways to lock your content!

You can read how to use these new options here.

Now you can remove advanced locking methods for individual posts

There was a bug which caused any advanced locking option that was added to any post via post editor to be un-removable. This bug is fixed, and now you can easily add or remove advanced post locking options for individual posts.

Better, more comprehensive notices in locked posts

Patron Pro now utilizes new, more comprehensive advanced locking text along with Patreon WordPress. These notices that appear in the interface inside locked posts will tell your users exactly what to do and how to pledge to get access to your content, and will prevent any confusion.



Patron Pro 1.2.0 requires Patreon WordPress 3.0.5 which is provided with the Patron Pro package. If you are using Patreon WordPress 1.1.3 from WordPress repository, Patron Pro 1.2.0 will not be able to function.

If you see a notice that says a new version of Patreon WordPress (3.0.5) is available and you can upgrade, just click on that notice to upgrade your Patreon WordPress. This will update that plugin from Patron Pro package.

If you aren’t sure which one you have, just deactivate and delete any “Patreon WordPress” plugins you see in your plugin manager. Then, visit your CodeBard account at ‘Your CodeBard Account’ section, and find your order and download “Patreon Master” file from there. This is Patreon WordPress 3.0.5 prepared for Patron Pro package. Just install it from your WP plugin admin by uploading the zip file you downloaded, and activate it.

For Patron Pro 1.2.0, to be able to update it through your WordPress admin, you must have a valid license and had activated/saved this through the ‘Addons’ tab of your Patron Plugin Pro admin. If you have your license already saved, the plugin will already notify you that an upgrade is available, and you can just click to upgrade your Patron Pro.

If you are having issues while updating, or any issue with your plugin after updating please contact support

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